About me

My name is Davey Bogaard, born in Dordrecht, the Netherlands in 1996. Since I was a little kid, I had an interest in photography.  I used to walk around with the cameras of my parents and grandparents. When I was about 10 years old, I bought my first camera, a Canon Powershot A590is. I took this camera with me on holidays and when we went away for a day. It were not good pictures, but I was having fun with the camera. A couple of years later, my parent bought a “real” camera, a Canon EOS 450D. The quality of this DSLR was way better than my compact camera. With this DSLR my interest in photography grew and I started do develop some basic skills. 

During the end of my study my interest in photography increased, while I was living in Berlin for half a year. I took my parents their 450D with me and gradually my pictures became a little bit more photographs. I was challenging myself with different lighting situations and by manually adjusting the settings to the scenes.

After completing my Bachelor, I bought my very own real camera. This was a Canon EOS 800D and this was kind of handy, because I could use the lenses my parent already had bought. After some time, I realised that the lenses I was using were not the best form my field of photography, so I started buying my own cheap lenses like the 10-18mm. 

Because I started working, I did not have time to photograph during the day, so I was out photographing after work in mostly dark scenes. I did some courses and workshops by different photographers and I started to develop a real passion for photography. In this time, I started to buying more professional gear, like the Canon L-series lenses. After 2,5 years of photographing, I was getting annoyed with the lacking performance of the 800D in dark conditions. So, in November 2019 I bought my current DSLR, a Canon 6D mark II. I am still very happy with this camera, but I wanted to take pictures from unique angles, so a little drone was added to the collection.